Is Politics Hurting Your Dating Life?

Last summer (2023), a TikTok video of a single, politically progressive woman, made the rounds as she claimed all the “chivalrous, masculine men in her dating orbit are conservative.” Of course, all the conservative men out there helped boost her post by gladly reposting in a form of victory lap of sorts.
With the username @Ms_Petch, the TikToker said, “As a liberal woman, it is really hard to find a man who is willing to play the more traditional masculine role in the relationship in today’s day and age who is not a conservative. A man who wants to pay on the first date; who wants to open your door; who has that want and desire to take care of you and provide — who is not a conservative.” She went on, “And obviously as a liberal woman I do want to be respected for my independence. And I do want to have my own autonomy in the relationship and not be combined or confirmed to the traditional female homemaker, childbearing, role. I don’t want to compromise my morals and values just to find a man. But, am I asking to have my cake and eat it too?”

To answer her question, yes, kind of, if you stick to the social data, you cannot have your cake and eat it too. But if you follow God’s plan you can have the best of both worlds. First, let's look at the world’s way. Tracking the media’s politically left leaning push, they celebrate the fact that men and women are growing further apart as it comes to individual beliefs. The media frame stories to help continue the widening of the gap.

Historically, young adults begin with a liberal mindset, but as they age, pay taxes, have children and acquire a mortgage, both men and women trend back to the middle on political and social issues. But now there is proof that young men are beginning to move to the middle sooner than young women, which explains their difficulty in dating, and the continued breakdown of the American family. Brad Wilcox reports Gallup’s findings tracking 18-29 year old men’s voting habits. In 2013 38% voted Republican, in 2023 it was 49%.

Conservative scholar Anthony Bradley (Acton Institute) concludes that it is not just politics; the differences are much deeper and trend into moral choices. He writes, “Gen Z is different. Women are more liberal than the men and this includes personal morality as well. More and more guys are willing to wait until marriage & fewer women are. Women now celebrate having a "high body count" as a empowerment. Today's young men are more traditional.”

I don’t think that young men have had a spiritual awakening (unfortunately). I believe the cause is based on the decade’s long push to minimize the role of men in society and artificially boost "girl power" with movies, ads, and celebrity endorsements. The role of “father” in sitcoms has long been the butt of the joke. Think Fred Flintstone, Homer Simpson, and Ralph Kramden. The portrayal of men as incompetent compared to women in the home was so obvious that Hanna Rosin (NPR, The Atlantic, The New Yorker) wrote a book in 2012 titled The End of Men, where she celebrated the rise of women in the workforce and society. In 2014, on a panel about the future of fatherhood at the Aspen Ideas Festival she said, "On TV, if there is a dad in the home, he is an idiot. It must have reflected our own discomfort with dads being competent. You put a dad in front of his kid, and the dad gives the worst advice. You put a dad in front of a toaster and he burns the house down." Writing in 2021, after a year in which more women than men lost jobs due to the COVID-19 recession, Rosin referred to her "tragic naïveté" in writing the book. The declaration was way too soon. If only society had listened to Rosin back then, or again in 2021, men and women need each other and “traditional” roles in society are nothing to be ashamed of. Purposeful, forced rebellion never turns out well. Just look at how the media is handling yesterday’s Oscar announcements. The headline this morning: The Reason Behind Greta Gerwig's Barbie Oscar Snub -

There is an alternative; God’s way. The Bible reader in me quickly goes to Genesis 3 for the real answer. I know there are historical specifics, government intervention, brute masculine dominance in history, and all the hundreds of other things that one might mention as to why there is a continued battle between the sexes. I’m not making this overly simplistic or am I naïve, Genesis 3:16b “Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you,” is the answer to the struggle of both men and women to this day. Satan was right there and heard the curse come down from God on both Adam and Eve, and he has attempted to drive the wedge further in every creative way that he can. The original language does not make Eve subservient in the modern sense that we have allowed this to be translated and implemented. God cursed both Adam and Eve because they both sinned in their disobedience and failed in the roles He had designed them for. The curse further clarified their roles when dealing with each other. Now that sin had entered it was going to even more difficult to maintain the relationship, both with God and each other. Adam failed as a leader, so God punished him for listening to his wife instead obedience to God (Look again at verse 17). To Eve, God did not make her a slave to Adam, no He made her equal in ability originally with Adam, but now she would never be allowed to take the God given role of Adam. That is what she had to overcome, her desire to take his place in leadership and responsibility.

Genesis 2 tells us that men and women were created to be helpers of each other so as to enjoy the Creation. We are not supposed to go at life alone. Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 11:11 “Woman is not independent of man nor man of woman; for as woman was made from man, so man is now born of woman. And all things are from God.” The devil knows that the breakdown of the family is the key to continuing the divide between God and His people. Through the culture, and now through politics, he has found a way to make young men and women be further at odds. If he can keep us apart, he has accomplished the goal he set out to accomplish back in the Garden; a house divided.

Don’t allow Satan to steal the joy God has for you in your home or your community. Let us celebrate our strengths in how God made us, and work through our weakness together as God made us to do.

Serving the Savior,
Bro. Jonathan 

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