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At West Haven Baptist Church, we know that everyone has a story. The beauty of the gospel is that no matter what your story is, Jesus has come to redeem you and give you a more abundant life!  We believe you have something to offer and God has a purpose for you.  Let us help you find that purpose as we serve the Lord together.  

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Too Good To Be True?
February 21st, 2024
Reading through the headlines today, I ran across a photo that took me back to middle school. The cover of our science textbook was a 280 million-year-old fossil discovered in the Italian Alps in 1931. It looked to be similar to many of the lizards I saw running around my backyard, but scientist had long celebrated it as a “puzzle piece for understanding early reptile evolution.” They loved the fo...
A Valentine Quandary?
February 14th, 2024
What’s a Christian to do? This is the day that millions of Christians around the world have not been looking forward to since 2018.  What normally marks a day of sweet confections, indulgence and celebration, many this morning were reminded of the hard truth; today is also a day of fasting and abstaining.  What is a Christian to do?? This has not happened since 2018, and it was not a happy day bac...
The Invisible Goldfish
February 11th, 2024
If you grew up during the period of the 1960s to 90s you probably heard about, or possible owned, Sea Monkeys.  What is a Sea-Monkey, you might ask?  From their website: “Well, the Sea Monkey, is a relative of the brine shrimp. This creature will end up growing 1/2 to 3/4 inch in length. Their lifespan can be up to one year and we have had many customers who keep their Sea Monkey® colonies alive f...
Reevaluating the Nones
January 31st, 2024
Midweek Challenge Ten years ago, Dr. James Emery White of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, wrote his book The Rise of the Nones. His work helped us get a better grasp on our religious culture, as we all could feel it changing, we just didn’t know how.  His book identified a growing group of people that have no religious affiliation and have become known as “nones.” Ten years later, he takes an...
Is Politics Hurting Your Dating Life?
January 24th, 2024
Last summer (2023), a TikTok video of a single, politically progressive woman, made the rounds as she claimed all the “chivalrous, masculine men in her dating orbit are conservative.” Of course, all the conservative men out there helped boost her post by gladly reposting in a form of victory lap of sorts.With the username @Ms_Petch, the TikToker said, “As a liberal woman, it is really hard to find...

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