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At West Haven Baptist Church, we know that everyone has a story. The beauty of the gospel is that no matter what your story is, Jesus has come to redeem you and give you a more abundant life!  We believe you have something to offer and God has a purpose for you.  Let us help you find that purpose as we serve the Lord together.  

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The Heavens Declare His Glory (And Crickets)
June 12th, 2024
Physicist Amos E. Dolbear is not a household name, but his contributions are well known.  Dolber chaired the Department of Astronomy and Physics at Tufts University in 1874. He was a "theoretical scientist" who enjoyed the discovery of new possibilities, including his pioneering research concerning telephony.  His most interesting discovery came from an 1897 issue of The American Naturalist. His h...
Go and Tell What You Know
June 5th, 2024
Tomorrow (June 6) marks the 80th anniversary of the first day of Operation Overlord, the Allied attack on German-occupied Western Europe, which began on the beaches of Normandy, France, on 6 June 1944. Primarily US, British, and Canadian troops, with naval and air support, attacked five beaches, landing some 135,000 men in a day widely considered to have changed history. Better known today as “D-D...
Never As A Good As The Devil Says
May 29th, 2024
You have heard me talk about the TV show Most Expensivest, staring music artist 2 Chainz.  The show takes the host to the most expensive items from around the world.  Recently, I read about an item that I am guessing 2 Chaiz hasn’t had the opportunity to indulge in, a pineapple that cost $395.  A California produce store (Melissa’s Produce), has what is called the Rubyglow pineapple.  There are on...
Refreshment That Never Ends
May 22nd, 2024
Summertime in Middle Tennessee means hot weather and cold drinks.  I love the gas station fountain drink wars that happen about this time each year.  For less than a dollar you can have just about any type of soda, with any number of mix-ins. And when you are in the mood for a little fast food to go with your drink, the McDonald’s app is the way to go.  Summer marks the return of the one dollar, a...
The Yellow Light Is Actually The Most Important
May 8th, 2024
Any teenager approaching their sixteenth birthday knows the traffic light rules.  Green for “Go,” red for “Stop,” and yellow for “Speed up!”  Well, at least that is what they have modeled for them by the older drivers on the road.  If you trace the history of the traffic light, we learn that the “yellow light” was last to be added, and might be the source of many lives saved.  According to history...

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